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Promethean Direct Support Thread, ActivBoard 300 probs on Windows 7 in Direct Support; I'm having a problem with two brand new 300 boards on two new Win 7 PCs. I've installed version ...
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    ActivBoard 300 probs on Windows 7

    I'm having a problem with two brand new 300 boards on two new Win 7 PCs.
    I've installed version of the driver, while the firmware is listed as V8.04 Build 4.

    When I cold boot the PC and log on as a user with local admin rights, the board is not working. In Device manager there is simply a Generic USB Hub, with the expected yellow exclamation mark symbol. Uninstalling that device and scanning for hardware changes has no effect.

    If I unplugged the USB cable, and plug it back into the same port, most of the time it simply shows up again as that same generic USB hub that isn't working. However, if I do it often enough, eventually (and it is random) it will be detected for what it is, and Windows will go through the motions of searching for driver software (despite the drivers already having been installed!). This search takes forever, but can be sped up by clicking on the "Skip looking for drivers on Windows Update" link. Once the correct drivers are loaded, the board works, but as soon as the user logs off, or reboots the PC, this all repeats again.

    Hibernating the PC doesn't quite work, either, as the board's USB lead needs to be unplugged and plugged straight back in again before the drivers load again, and the board is recognised.

    On the Windows 7 PCs there are no other Promethean drivers installed. In fact, the machines don't have very much in terms of software installed.

    Any ideas would be MOST welcome!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds very much like a problem we had with a 300 board, turned out the motherboard in the Promethean needed replacing.

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    I appear to be experiencing the same after sticking in some brand new W7 pc's this weekend just gone. Upon boot the boards aren't detected but once unplugged and plugged back in again they spring to life. I'm going to try and see if there are any USB related bios settings at some point but haven't had the time as yet.

    Also - are you're pc's running W7 64bit or 32?


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    Hi there,

    Sounds like it is either a cabling issue, or the electronics in the board.

    Make sure you are directly connecting to the PC (i.e not using any extenders or external USB hubs), if you are, I think the next steps is to speak to our support team, as the electronics may need replacing.

    Good luck!

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