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Promethean Direct Support Thread, Naked Promethean board in Direct Support; I dont know if its the same for them all, but it plays a little diddy when the board is ...
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    I dont know if its the same for them all, but it plays a little diddy when the board is turned on.

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    The power indicator is a little man in a circle if he is glowing you have power if not not power.

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    Top row, second from the left - Track Technology Systems Interactive Whiteboard Mounts - Product Photos This is the Promethean flame logo which should be illuminated if the board is powered up. Holding the tip of the pen near this logo (when it's on) should start the calibration process. Right-clicking on the ActivBoard icon in the system tray should also give you that option.
    I've sometimes found that if I go into My Computer, right-click and select Manage, then click on Device Manager (in XP Pro at least) and look for Human Interactive Devices (HID) in the list then selected the Update Driver option from the right-click context menu and followed the instructions to update the driver(s) that this has sorted the problem for me.

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    Hi Mrs Grinch,

    I hope that with the help of everyone so far you have managed to resolve your issues.

    If there are any other questions please post again...

    For future reference, there are lots of guides that can help with many issues located on our Promethean Knowledgebase

    Promethean Support

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