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Promethean Direct Support Thread, Corrupted Activboard files in Direct Support; 3 times I have saved and closed Activboard, then tried to reopen a file the next day and it is ...
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    Corrupted Activboard files

    3 times I have saved and closed Activboard, then tried to reopen a file the next day and it is corrupted. How do I prevent this/recover those files?

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    First up we need to ensure that you are running the latest version of our software > If you are running ActivInspire you can do this by launching ActivInspire and then selecting "help" > "check for updates"

    Once ActivInspire is up to date I would recommend clearing the local users temp folder (when a flipchart is opened the contents of the flipchart are stored here as well as any changes until the flipchart is saved and ActivInspire is closed so if corruption is occuring it is likely to be to and from the temp folder)

    Hope this helps

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    what is the path to the temp folder? On the the source (creator) or destination (whiteboard/consumer) PC?

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    Hi Alis_Klar,
    The path to the temp folder mentioned above is as follows:

    This path is the default on most machines and is the same for both creator and destination PCs.

    Thank you

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