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Promethean Direct Support Thread, ActivInspire conflicting with SmartBoard software?? in Direct Support; Please feel free to move this out of direct support and into one of the technical forums if it shouldn't ...
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    ActivInspire conflicting with SmartBoard software??

    Please feel free to move this out of direct support and into one of the technical forums if it shouldn't be here - the problem is manifesting itself on the SMART side of things

    Most of our whiteboards in school are Promethean (one is a TDS!), however they are working fine. We have two Smartboards, however, that were also working fine.

    We recently bought a set of ActiVote handsets and I've deployed the latest ActivInspire and ActivDriver to all laptops via GPO to all teacher laptops so they can be used. Seemingly since then, one of the SmartBoards (the only one that's connected to a teacher laptop - the other one's connected to a desktop that wouldn't have got the ActiVote stuff) has been having "issues" such as pens not working as pens and SmartInk not working on Powerpoints.

    The question is, and I can't see how it would be, is it possible that the ActiVote software is conflicting with the SMART software in some way? AFAIK they are totally independent of each other? Surely? Aren't they? But then the evidence here MAY point to it happening. Has anyone else seen anything like this????

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    Hi Tony,

    We are unaware of any such issues and given that they are completely different device drivers there shouldn't be any conflicts between the two - my advice would be to ensure that you are running the latest version of our ActivDriver which is currently
    v5.5.37 - you can check this by selecting the ActivManager icon on the system tray and then selecting "Control Panel" - the version number will then be displayed in the bottom left hand corner of this window.

    If you need the latest version it is available here - if you want to extract the msi then you can do so using the /a switch

    Once this is confirmed and if the issue still persists then given that our products are functioning as expected i think you need to contact Smart for further guidance

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