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Promethean Direct Support Thread, Open (.flipchart) Files with ActivStudio in Direct Support; I've started to update a few PCs to ActivInspire, however, I've noticed that it creates (.flipchart) files, as opposed to ...
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    Open (.flipchart) Files with ActivStudio

    I've started to update a few PCs to ActivInspire, however, I've noticed that it creates (.flipchart) files, as opposed to (.flp) like ActivStudio. Is it possible to open (.flipchart) files in ActivStudio for those PCs that haven't yet been updated?

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    We've gone from ActivePrimary to ActivInspire and had the same problem. Simple answer is no, so the teacher has to decide which one they are going to use.

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    ".flipchart" is the new Promethean file format for flipcharts created in "ActivInspire" so unfortunately you cannot open them in our older software "ActivStudio or ActivPrimary"

    However, flipcharts created in ActivStudio/Primary (.flp) can be opened in ActivInspire

    Hope this answers everything

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    As others have said - Inspire will read the older files but not write them.

    You can install the new software alongside the older software with no issues. ActivInspire also has a skin swapping function - which allows it to emulate both ActivStudio and ActivPrimary interfaces.

    It is currently a free upgrade and a new and FREE Personal Edition license is available that means a fully save enabled, rich tool can be put on any student computer at school or home, or indeed used with ANY make of IWB. http://www.prometheanplanet.com/serv...show=nav.17010

    Staff trying the new version may want to see the free courses for the software. There are free online courses specifically for teachers moving from one to the other and plenty of free training videos on Promethean Planet, iTunes or via the Promethean iPhone/iTouch app:http://www.prometheanplanet.com/serv...show=nav.19689

    Online : ActivLearning : Professional Development : Promethean Planet

    There are several reasons for this strategy.

    • The new software is a completely new codebase for common functions on MAC, PC and Linux and for working with the latest OS's on MAC and PC inc .Win7. We will not be maintaining the older code.
    • There are several new object types such as connector objects, etc. that are not in the earlier versions and that would be difficult or confusing to strip out.
    • Objects can now have graduated fills, popups, etc, attached that would not work backwards, etc.
    • Over 6 millions lessons have been shared on http://www.prometheanplanet.com - with that level of sharing, issues of things not working with older software are significant.
    • Inspire combines the previously separate Expression software with ActivStudio/ActivPrimary functions. This allows students to send words and numbers to the board using Expression devices using the new functions.
    • The original .flp files used a .zip type compression which caused some issues when sharing via some web servers. The new .flipchart format addresses this.
    • The whole application is also developed and architected around multi-user operation. Note: by upgrading older Activboards (ones without the black oval top left) or getting new ones, you can have a couple of students work at the same time using Inspire.
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