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Promethean Direct Support Thread, Can Promethean resources already be used on a Smartboard? in Direct Support; If you have Promethean resources already can they be used on a Smartboard? We are looking at moving away from ...
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    Can Promethean resources already be used on a Smartboard?

    If you have Promethean resources already can they be used on a Smartboard? We are looking at moving away from Promethean to Smart!

    I believe you need a license to use Promethean resources on a Smart board, is this true?

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    The software that comes with SmartBoard called Notebook can open Promthean files and convert them into Notebook files.

    Just tested it you go-to File > Import and just select the Flip files and it brings them in you can also import PowerPoints and it will convert them..

    Oh I just read your post properly.. resources? like the images and stuff? I am not sure about that sorry
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    Hi there,

    If you mean 'Can I use Inspire on a Smartboard', the answer would be no - well, not Inspire Pro version. You can use the Personal edition - as long as you have the teacher consent license (available here: Interactive Whiteboard Community - Educational and Teacher Resources : Promethean Planet).

    With regard to the resources specifically, you can't use the resources outside of Inspire (they aren't standard image files), but as Griff said, if you have converted a flipchart file that contains specific resources, to another format, my understanding would be that it is no longer an ActivInspre file, so therefore should be governed by the software license that opens the new format. In a similar vain though, if there are any issues with such imports, you would need to contact the developers of the software that they are not working in.

    I'm thinking its kind of like asking 'if I had a word document containing clipart, and then converted it to .PDF, would I be breaking any licenses?' - to my knowledge, you wouldn't....

    Hope this helps!

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