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Promethean Direct Support Thread, Promeathean Board Issue in Direct Support; 20140429_111836.jpg Hi, I have a old promethean board with the serial connection to the computer. The board is constantly flashing ...
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    Promeathean Board Issue



    I have a old promethean board with the serial connection to the computer. The board is constantly flashing red top left corner of the board. When I unplug the board from either back of the board or PC it make a noise. I have tried uninstall and reinstall active inspire but no luck. I have also tried 2 other PC and the same issue and also downgraded the software. Any idea how I can resolve this issue? Or is the board too old and needs replacing. I have included a picture of the board above:

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    Hi Harry1980,
    Thank you for the photograph this allows me to know the board type you have got, in your case the board is what we call AC1 (1st Generation).
    I will provide assistance on this post rather than the one you have previously posted on: (Promethean board issue)

    When dealing with serial boards there are a number of points that have to be dealt with before they even start to think about working:
    1. When turning the computer on ensure that the ActivBoard is connected to the computer serial port, and powered up correctly (beep followed by flashing red on this board).
    2. When installing newer ActivDrivers ensure that you have the selected the USB + Serial option when prompted.
    3. Within ActivManager (small Promethean icon on the system tray) there is a "connections" tab, you will need to tell ActivManager to connect to the serial port (this is normally COM 1, but is dependent on the computer configuration.)
    4. On the newer ActivManager we have a known issues that the Auto Connect feature is not currently working, so we can roll the driver back if required.

    So based on the above, I would ask that you disconnect the board from the computer, head to add/remove programs and uninstall the ActivDriver.
    Then restart the machine.
    Then install the latest ActivDriver v5.9.27 (available from Free Teaching Resources, Lesson Plans & Worksheets). Ensuring you select Serial + USB when prompted.
    Then shut the PC down.
    Connect the board to the PC.
    Turn the PC on.
    Head to ActivManager control panel (small Promethean icon in the system tray).
    Click on "Connections".
    Click Find, or Connect.

    If this works please let me know and I will send you the old driver that works with automatic connections.
    If this doesn't work please contact Promethean Technical Support who may be able to assist you further. (PrometheanKB)

    Thank you

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