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Promethean Direct Support Thread, Random unfreeze!! in Direct Support; I've posted this on the Promethean World forum as well but wonder if anyone here has any ideas. I've a ...
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    Random unfreeze!!

    I've posted this on the Promethean World forum as well but wonder if anyone here has any ideas.

    I've a user that frequently uses the "Freeze" facility to enable her to check emails etc while leaving projected image from Active Inspire. Occasionally the projector seems to automatically "Unfreeze" and shows her desktop ..... can be very awkward. This appears to be random and I've been unable to replicate. Anyone any ideas? Is there some sort of timer involved? She seems to think it only happens when she switches from an Office App to OWA but I cannot see how this could be a cause.

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    I would check the projector to see if there is a timer for the freezing functions. Another possaiblity is that a student has a remote for the projector or another teacher is turning there projector off freeze ant the command is hit both projectors if you have them close together.

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    Hi SteveT,
    I agree with Grey-gear could you check that the projector doesn't have a setting for a "freeze timer". I know that the Promethean projectors don't have a freeze timer feature. Though the PRM-30 does unfreeze itself if any other button on the remote is pressed after you have pressed freeze.
    Is there a reason why the teacher cannot use extended desktop and move ActivInspire only to show on the projector and have her email program open on her laptop screen instead of cloning the display? We would also recommend that the projector when setup this way is set to be the "primary" display, as certain features of ActivInspire do not work when the screen ActivInspire is shown on is not the primary display.

    Thank you

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