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Promethean Direct Support Thread, Competitors Products in Direct Support; Hi, I know in school we are allowed to install ActivInspire on any machine as long as it is not ...
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    Competitors Products


    I know in school we are allowed to install ActivInspire on any machine as long as it is not connected to a competitors product. Would a 40inch touch screen be classed as a competitors product?

    Many Thanks,


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    Hi Cyberdanny,
    There was a similar question asked in December last year:

    In that thread I posted the 2 sections of the licence that covers the use of Third Party devices and ActivInspire.
    In essence, if you received ActivInspire as part of a Promethean Board installation then you will not be permitted to use ActivInspire on Third Party devices (which a 40" touch screen will be, if it is NOT a Promethean product.)
    If you received ActivInspire as part of a voting, learner response or you purchased the software on its own then you will be licenced to run ActivInspire on a Third Party touch screen.

    If you require full clarification please contact Promethean Support.

    Thank you

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