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Promethean Direct Support Thread, Auto Correct in Direct Support; Hi everyone, I am sure this will be a nice easy one for all those in the know, we have ...
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    Auto Correct

    Hi everyone,

    I am sure this will be a nice easy one for all those in the know, we have a teacher that has a bit of a shaky touch when they are writing
    is there an option in active inspire to smooth the lines of the writing, an auto correct in effect like there is in windows journal ???

    I have checked the settings but could not see anything obvious.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Marc_Lemar,
    There is no option per-say, but an option within the settings (on the latest available Inspire version 1.7.621) that should make this better is the "High-Quality Rendering" option.
    With Inspire open, Click File>Settings then click on "Flipchart Objects" on the screen you should then see "High-quality rendering".
    Ensure that this option is turned on.

    If it is and the issue remains I would suggest you contact Promethean support so that they can look into this for you, I do know that the ActivBoards are incredibly accurate, and any change of Pixel whilst using the pen will be picked up by the ActivBoard and thus ActivInspire.

    Thank you

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