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Promethean Direct Support Thread, Mirrored / Extended desktop and calibration in Direct Support; Hi there, We are running Win 7 64bit with activstudio with a dual monitor PC (one 19" LCD and the ...
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    Mirrored / Extended desktop and calibration

    Hi there,

    We are running Win 7 64bit with activstudio with a dual monitor PC (one 19" LCD and the IWB projector). Some teachers have this set to extended desktop and some mirrored (we should have never given them the choice!). When a teacher logs in and it switches from extended to mirrored or vise-versa the board needs recalibrating (presumably because the resolution has changed). Does anyone know of a way of allowing users to switch between desktop modes without having to recalibrate?


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    Hi JamesKing,
    There is no way to get around the re-calibration when the screen resolution changes, the reason for this is that calibration relies heavily on the physical image placement and the screen resolution in order to get the very accurate results required. This is the reason a re-calibrate is required if the screen resolution is ever changed.

    I do also have some further comments surrounding your specific setup, Promethean do not actually support ActivStudio on Windows 7, we only support ActivInspire. We do not support any version of the ActivDriver on Windows 7 that is below 5.6. Also Promethean have only just introduced mulitple monitor support into the very latest v5.8 ActivDriver.

    The only way I can think of to get around your problem would be lock the screen resolutions down completely or as you have mentioned remove the choice.

    Hope this helps.

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