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Promethean Direct Support Thread, Weblinks in Activinspire not opening in IE9 in Direct Support; Hi I am having problems with Activinspire weblinks and Internet Explorer 9 opening the weblinks. When I click on a ...
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    Question Weblinks in Activinspire not opening in IE9


    I am having problems with Activinspire weblinks and Internet Explorer 9 opening the weblinks. When I click on a weblink in activinspire, Internet Explorer opens a blank page for some users. For other users Internet Explorer will open the weblink correctly. I am not sure why activinspire does this for some users or whether it is related to the Windows 7 user profile. I have attached a sample activinspire file and the weblinks are on page 2. Any help would be appreciated?

    I am using Activinspire V1.6.50464 and Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 SP1.
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    Hi pbad,
    I have had a look at the flipchart you have posted and I have tested the weblinks from within it, and everything functions as it should.
    Does this issue only affect certain users or is it random users? Does the issue appear to be related to specific machines or again is it random machines? Does the issue only affect certain users when connected on any machine, or does it only effect certain users on specific machines?

    To test whether this is Inspire related or an issue with Internet Explorer/ profiles I would put the very same links into a word document and see what happens when your users attempt to load them. If the fault remains then you are looking at a profile and or Internet explorer issue.
    If the fault dissapears then it would proably be best to contact Promethean Support via www.prometheankb.com and see what advice they can offer.

    Thank you

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