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Promethean Direct Support Thread, Set flipchart background in Direct Support; Is is possible to set the background colour of ActiveInspire on all computers, for all users centrally? to save me ...
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    Set flipchart background

    Is is possible to set the background colour of ActiveInspire on all computers, for all users centrally? to save me having to go round each computer for each user?

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    Hi there,

    Yep - you can do this. There are a couple of ways.

    Firstly, you would need to create / save a modified or custom .profile file. To do this, in Inspire, go to File -> Settings and select "Flipchart". Change your "Default Page Colour" to whichever one you want, and then click on the "Save Profile As" icon at the top of the settings window. Save it to say a central location on your server that all users will have access to (i.e \\servername\Inspireprofiles).

    You will also need to use an admin.ini file, and keys 0 and 1 (for more info on the admin.ini, and how to construct it, please see article 10387 on prometheankb.com)

    Set Key 0 to be the folder on your network, and set Key 1 to be the "profilename.profile" greated earlier.

    Then, any user that opens Inspire should then use this profile.

    The problem doing it this way is that the users will then not be able to modify or "switch" profiles - as we are forcing Inspire to use a specific on.

    That said, way number 2 would help get around this, but is a bit more "tricky".

    Like we did right at the start by creating the new .profile file, we can actually "overright" the default ones.

    You would still need an admin.ini, but this time you would only need to utilise key 0.

    On one machine, you could, in the File -> Settings -> Flipchart section, alter the "default page colour" for each of the "default" Inspire profiles (e.g "At The Board", "authoring", "Mathematics" etc etc etc). In the top left hand corner of the settings window, you can see change through the different profiles from Inspire, making the change to the page colour, and "Saving As", then saving the .profile in the network location.

    This will have the same affect as step 1, but this time, users can change and customise the profiles. The issue this way though is if the users create their own profile, they would be able to have any colour background.

    We have asked for this to be made easier (for example, using an admin.ini, define one of the keys to be the page colour for all flipcharts) - but as yet it has not been implemented.

    Hope this helps, but if not, please feel free to contact our support team via prometheankb.com.

    Good luck!

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