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Physical Security Thread, Laptop Trolley Security in Technical; Hi, we have just taken delivery of 32 new netbooks. The problem with netbooks is they are so damn small ...
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    Laptop Trolley Security

    Hi, we have just taken delivery of 32 new netbooks. The problem with netbooks is they are so damn small anyone can take them easily. Im designing some kind of booking system that will allow a class to remove laptops and then return them at the end of the day. However I would like the system to also sound an alarm if someone trys to take a laptop off site. Is this possible, ive been looking in to rfid but its expensive


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    Exclamation Re:Laptop Trolley Security


    It might be worth you having a look at lapsafe. There are several differenet models that you can choose depending on your needs and requirements. I did not see the demo that we got at our school but from what I have heard that you can charge the laptop in the safe and when each laptop has finished charging it automatically stops the charging that laptop. When all the laptops are completely charged it will stop drawing powers from the mains.

    Well worth a look. Here is a link for you: Laptop Security | Laptop Cabinet | Laptop Trolley | Laptop Cart | LapSafe UK. It might be a bit over priced for what your looking for but great units. We are currently considering getting some of these instead of going down the rout of individual learning devices.

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    Do you have any similar systems in your library/lrc for the books? Maybe that could be extended to the main exits of the school.

    Also there is prey - Open source anti-theft solution for Mac, PCs & Phones – Prey - I dont think this is quite what your looking for, but might be helpful.

    Could you just make teachers/staff responsible for counting them back in at the end of the lesson? Or do you loan them to individual students rather than whole classes?

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    Just looked at the link to Prey - looks good, anyone use it? (sorry for hijacking thread)

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    Was going to suggest lojack 4 laptops, but Prey seems to do quite a bit for free! Lojack does imbed into the hardware though, so even formattings doesn't remove it.
    Will have a play with Prey though. Cheers for the linky!

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