Hi all, hopefully this is the correct place to ask a few questions about this software!

I have had very little to do with the flexi system in school as it was installed by someone before me. It was installed on a standalone PC which until recently had worked fine until Monday when the hard disk died leaving me with no access to it at all.

I have reinstalled the software on another PC but now I have to manually input every staff member and print of a new security pass etc. I have kind of got this far in that I have designed a new pass and set myself up but I can't get the bar code reader to recognise my pass.

If you are familiar with the product you will know what I mean but the bar code is linked to each individual staff member and I'm not sure how to get this part of it working. My reader is installed and recognises that there is a bar code but does nothing with it.

How do I link the staff to an individual bar code and how do I get this to register on my system so the reader can update the system when a user arrives or departs?

I have contacted the company but as we do not have a support contract they are unwilling to help.