As well as supplying new kit, we take out old kit and pass it to our partner who either recycles it or resells it. So instead of just giving your kit away, let me know what you've got and i'll let you know what it's worth!

Some kit can be worthless but some can be worth thousands so it's better to check. I know not everyone can or is allowed to use Ebay or whatever else so this is a really good option.


You can have the money either as a cheque or you can have a bigger value as MILLGATE POINTS!

How it works is:

1) let me know what you've got (details such as model numbers and specs if possible)

2) I'll let you know what it's worth, subject to an audit

3) If you want to go ahead, i'll arrange collection

4) Audit is done by our partner and i tell you if there is a change to the original price.

5) If you're still happy, we pay you or credit Millgate points

Email me with what you're getting rid of and we'll take it from there