In addition to educational/corporate given laptops, pupils/employees are bringing their own devices to work these days - iPhones, Droids, iPads - you name it; they are bringing it in. And they are expecting you to help them access the corporate Wi-Fi network with their own devices. It presents a challenge to every IT Manager out there:
How do you control, manage, monitor, and secure all of these devices?
Or ensure that they aren't impacting productivity?
Or accessing protected resources?
Or using up all of your Internet access?

Aerohive is simplifying the management and the control of these devices through additional methods of device detection, authentication and policy enforcement. With our latest release, Aerohive is also adding spectrum analysis to its 802.11 APs. These new features were designed to reduce the operational burden of Wi-Fi networks without requiring purchase of new and expensive APs, licenses, or MIDs managers.

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