Enter the PROTECT AND SAVE prize draw; simply contact Net-Ctrl for a UPS quotation this October to be entered. Vouchers will be sent to winners 14 days after the closing date. 1st Prize: £100.00 2nd Prize: £50.00 3rd Prize: £25.00

This competition is to promote the NEW Protect D which has been designed with your critical loads in mind. A fully online double conversion UPS the AEG Protect D ensures 100% power supply to your load.

To Protect:
Protect your ... power with fully online double conversion.
Protect your ... cables from working loose with AEG lockable outlets this will never happen again.
Protect your ... availability; swap your internal batteries out in less than 5 minutes!
Protect your ... programmable volt-free contacts & Emergency Power off (EPO) switch.

Save £££:
Save ... using ECO and ECO+ modes to reduce your cooling costs through temperature compensated charging.
Save ... 36 months warranty on UPS and battery simply register your product online.
Save ... Hot-swappable batteries, easy swap from the front save money by simply replacing the internal batteries.
Save ... Improved battery charging technology for optimal battery lifetime
Save ... More Power for your Pound £££

If you would be like to request a quote or more information please send Net-Ctrl a private message and we will get back to you ASAP.