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Our Advertisers Thread, Ruckus Questions in Purchasing and Trading; I'm sure that plenty of people on here will be able to help me with this: I am currently looking ...
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    Ruckus Questions

    I'm sure that plenty of people on here will be able to help me with this:

    I am currently looking at a managed wireless solution for a school in NZ and had a few questions about Ruckus, mainly are the APs able to work indapendantly without a controller at least initially as we may have to buy the APs first seporatly due to the cost and unexpected nature of the complete wireless breakdown at the school.

    Can any of the helpful sponsers put me in contact with a good Ruckus supplier in NZ assuming one exists?


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    Hiyah ... Ive used a Ruckus AP without a controller and it worked quite happily ....

    Cheers from Bournemuth UK

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    We have had a lot of schools/colleges that have done exactly the same due to budget contstraints and they have had no problems at all.

    As for the New Zeland reseller I don't know who it is, but this link below is a case study for a school that was kitted out in New Zealand so it may be worth giving the school a call to see who supplied them? Sorry I cannot be of more use, but hope this helps. The school is Raroa (Ra-Roe-Ah) School.

    Case Studies | Ruckus Wireless


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