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Our Advertisers Thread, Intranet Portal Developer in Purchasing and Trading; Ahh.. Well, I'm not quite sure where I should be posting this. But I reckoned advertising /forum seemed like the ...
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    Intranet Portal Developer

    Ahh.. Well, I'm not quite sure where I should be posting this. But I reckoned advertising /forum seemed like the place to get frenzied sales responses (which is what I'd like).

    We are after someon to create an Intranet/ Portal site for the school. We are moving away from our current VLE (Uniservity) because of the cost (and the fact none of the teachers liked ot use it). We have had Capita install SLG onto sharepoint for us.
    So what we are after is a good looking intranet/portal for staff and students that does the following:
    1. VLE - or attaches to Moodle VLE (which will need to be setup too).
    2. Integration of the Current SLG stuff with the new stuff.
    3. Integration of the existing student Windows AD accounts with this new thingy.
    4. Integration of the staff Windows AD accounts with the new thingy.
    5. Integration of other we based softwares (Oliver/Talis library, webmail).

    I've looked around the internet, but the only people I can find is one company, who have quoted for all of the above. But I need to get at least three quotes.

    Does anyone know where I can get all this ?
    Or ca anyone arrange to do all this ?

    We don't have any in-house Sharepoint knowledge, and don't have any time to train up before we have to shift stuff off the Uniservity.


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    What you're looking for seems to be a full SharePoint solution (integrating SLG with anything else would be more of a headache than it's worth.

    There are a lot of SharePoint consultancy companies around - two that spring to mind are Core Technologies and Diagonal Consulting, but there are plenty of others.

    As to the VLE site, there are solutions for SharePoint which'll tie in with Moodle quite happily, all of the SLG stuff will integrate in (Capita are probably the best people to talk to about this), the current AD accounts will just need permissions assigned which can be done easily enough in-house, and the library software I'm not too sure about. I have heard that Eclipse will provide web parts to plug in to SharePoint, but don't know about Oliver and Talis.

    If your webmail is exchange, that'll be quite an easy tie-in as well.

    You may find it easier/cheaper to look at individual SharePoint consultants as well as companies since the setup you're looking for doesn't look particularly challenging.

    Edit: Talis do appear to be working on web parts, which will be open source,

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