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    The IT Index

    Hi all
    I just wanted to hi-light a useful solution which after reading a number of comments that some of you have made regarding dealing with IT resellers, I believe will be of interest to you.

    A number of years ago Probrand created The IT Index (The IT Index Store from Probrand) as a tool to make our own internal e-procurement easier & cheaper. The site now works by taking over 50 daily data feeds from the largest IT distributors within the UK IT Channel.

    Each morning the prices are automatically updated and the channel stock is refreshed, this means that when you login to the site the price you see is the cheapest that morning with stock available.
    The data from this morning's datafeeds is as follows:-

    Prices Compared 557225
    Current Products 150899
    New Products 525
    Prices down 9359
    Prices up 5734
    Stock down 9883
    Stock up 2558

    As you can see 9359 products were cheaper today than yesterday. With the current economic climate the power for all IT buyers is knowing what the channel price should be and where the stock is held.

    Probrand in turn works on a cost + basis for each of the products that we sell, the more spend you put through The IT Index the cheaper your margin is. So in affect you are "piggy backing" onto Probrand's £57 million pound turnover to get the best pricing.

    The site that will be of real interest to you all is The IT Index.Gov (The IT Index Gov - Buying Solutions store from Probrand) this site carries the same information as the standard site but also reflects a number of different frameworks pricing on the site including Buying Solutions (previously known as Catalist). What this means to you is that by using this site you will still see the information as I have described above, but now you will have access to a large number of different manufacturers discounted prices to compare against the standard channel pricing. On a few days standard pricing is cheaper than any framework pricing as this pricing is updated more frequently.
    This is information that you can all get access to without having to call / contact an account manager so will speed up the procurement process.

    Best of all this site is completely free to use.

    To request access to this site please go to The IT Index Store from Probrand and click on the "register for free". Please quote "EduGeek"
    On this page you will see that the sites are accredited by both the ICAEW & CIPS.

    Any questions or if you would like to have a demo on this site please feel free to get in contact with me or any of my team.

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