Hello and Happy New Year

Couple of great prices for you:

The 8.9" Aspire Ones (returned stock) some have some minor scratches - £147.99

Spec: 1 Gb / XP Home / White or Blue (White have 120Gb HDD Blue have 160Gb HDD)

About 50 in stock. My supply seems to have dried up so these will be the last of the 8.9" models I think.

10.1" Aspire One - 160Gb 1Gb XP Home BLACK 6 Cell Battery - 300 in stock - Special Education Only Price - £210

Also although I'm an Acer Man, this looks quite exciting I have 200 units in stock now, if you want to know more let me know!

The Ubisurfer, from Datawind. The device is best considered as a sub netbook suitable for surfing the web and email. It comes with 12 months of web access at 30 hours per month on the Vodafone GPRS network. If you go over your hours you can pay £5.99 in any given month for unlimited access in that calendar month.

Web pages are rendered and compressed in Canada and then sent to the device, the performance is quite good (5-6 seconds to load a page).

Ubisurfer Netbook : Datawind Ubisurfer Netbook with free mobile internet and browser with acceleration technology

Cost - £128

Let me know if you are interested, or need quotes for any other Hardware.