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Our Advertisers Thread, Meru Wireless From Computer Products Ltd in Purchasing and Trading; Hey Guys Quick update for you as Computer Products Ltd has now added Meru Networks to our wireless vendor portfolio. ...
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    Meru Wireless From Computer Products Ltd

    Hey Guys

    Quick update for you as Computer Products Ltd has now added Meru Networks to our wireless vendor portfolio.
    Meru as a vendor is making some great progress in the healthcare sector and is really a solution to look at for education also,

    For those that dont know Meru is 4th worldwide wireless vendo and 2nd Worldwide market share for wireless N here's a few lines of info on Meru for you guys if you would like anymore or a no obligation quotation and survey be sure to give me a pm or email me on joe@c-p-ltd.com

    Why Choose Meru?

    Meru customers belong to a diverse range of industries and geographic areas. They have an equally diverse range of reasons for choosing Meru. There are universities that require very high bandwidth density for all-wireless dorms. There are manufacturing companies that need smooth roaming for telephony users. There are hospitals that demand rock-solid reliability for critical patient monitoring systems. And there are enterprises that need all of these and more.

    The one thing these companies all have in common is that they derive real strategic value from the wireless LAN. For Meru customers, wireless access is not a second-class network to be used only when an Ethernet port is unavailable. It is the primary network access method, used in mission-critical applications day after day.

    Meru has evolved wireless into a mature technology, by combining 802.11n and Wireless LAN Virtualization, offering all the speed, scalability and simplicity that organizations expect from Ethernet – and often at dramatic cost savings over a comparable wired network.

    I am New to Wireless
    For customers who have never used wireless before, the upgrade from wires to Meru wireless is easy. Enterprises who were once put off wireless by security risks, management hassles or poor performance and reliability can rest easy. They can skip over the earlier iterations, going straight to Meru's advanced Fourth Generation technology.

    Applications written for a wired network perform flawlessly over wireless thanks to the Virtual Port – a technology that replicates all the benefits of switched Ethernet but adds mobility and flexibility. It can also expand the scope of the network, reaching new devices that offer wireless as their only connectivity option.

    End users will appreciate the freedom that mobility brings, whether they are using voice or data. Corporate management will appreciate the cost savings that result from simplified administration and greater reliability. IT itself will appreciate the intuitive management, simple deployment and easy upgrades.

    I Manage a Microcell Network

    The microcell architecture was an important step in wireless evolution, but its limitations have become clear as wireless LANs scale to higher data rates and newer applications. Meru makes it easy to cope with changing applications and increased demand thanks to an architecture that lets 802.11n reach its full potential – wireless as a utility.

    Moving to Meru is easy. Wireless LAN Virtualization avoids the need for the costly and time-consuming channel planning and individual power adjustment. The network is truly plug-and-play, automatically taking control of the radio environment rather than trying to adapt to interference.

    Once the network is installed, users appreciate its pervasive connectivity and seamless service. Technical support calls are reduced thanks to the network's increased reliability. Dropped calls while roaming are eliminated by the Virtual Cell. The network's inherent predictability makes management simple, automatically detecting most issues and reducing troubleshooting times from days to minutes.

    When the network needs to serve more users, upgrading is simply a matter of connecting more access points. Like the initial installation, there is no need for channel planning or for retuning existing access points. Moves and changes require no disruption and bandwidth density can increase almost without limit.

    We look forward to hearing from you, for this and any other Managed Wireless Solutions you may require,

    p.s Mark Howell From Meru is available on this forum for any technical info you may require.
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