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Hmm, how about 16 decent spec laptops suitable for Primary school student use?

I've only had to deal with Acer once, when the battery on my Aspire one died. They took it off me with no questions and returned it in about 8 days. I do have to say, the guy on the phone sounded positively suicidle!
Decent spec I assume Dual Core and 2Gb, if you want more/less spec there is always a 1Gb or 3Gb model and higher/lower spec processors avaliable. However I believe this is the best value spec at the moment. - Please tell me if I am wrong!

Acer Extensa EX5630-642G16Mn Laptop LX.EAU0Z.276 - Windows Version - Acer Outlet

A fab price at £344.34 only issue I only have 8 at that price!

The best new price I could do is £399.99 for the other 8, but I am working on getting that down!

If you wanted to go ahead I could hold the 8 with no commitment, and see what price I can get on the others, I would like to knock £50 off the price, but that maybe wishful thinking.

Any other questions please feel free to contact me.