Hi Guys

Just come across the following PC in another thread from SCL.

RV80 Slim desktop & tower case with no holes in the top of the lid
Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 2.5Ghz 800FSB 45nm
2GB DDR2 Ram
80GB SATA300 Hard Drive
DVD-Rom Drive
Intel G31 Chipset with GMA3100 graphics
5.1 HD Audio
Gigabit Lan
No O/S
3 Year OS Warranty

Pharaoh - Intel Dual Core E5200 2GB RAM DVD 80GB HDD 19" TFT
(upgraded from 17" Widescreen TFT to 19" 4:3 1280x1024 TFT)

As above bundled with keyboard mouse and 19" 4:3 TFT
I am interested in getting either a bundle of 275 machines or 150 depending on budget during the summer holidays, I know prices / specs are likely to change between now and then but it helps me for budget purposes knowing base prices. The above spec is along the lines of what I am interested in but I don't require an optical drive.

These are to replace existing classroom PC's - which already have decent 17" TFT's in the majority of these rooms so a price including and excluding monitors would be useful. This is open to all suppliers not just SCL, I am just using their spec as a base model. Please feel free to PM if you need any further information or I'll be back in school next week if you wish to give me a ring. Lets commence with the bidding war.

I would also be interested nearer the time on a trial PC to check it out and test it works fine on our network.