Good Morning Fellow Edugeeker's,

Computer Products Ltd is now proud to be able to offer the educational sector superb leasing opportunities.

Working closely with WYSE Leasing has so far enabled hundreds of educational establishments to fulfill their major requirements, ICT or otherwise.

The Benefits

● Fixed payments for the duration of the agreement.
● Match the payment schedule to the life of the equipment.
● Built-in protection against obsolescence.
● Increase the purchase power of any annual budget.

The Agreements

● Finance solutions compliant with your Local Authority.
● Terms 1 to 5 years.
● Payment profiles to suit incoming grants.
● Fixed rates for the duration (subject to no changes in legislation).
● No initial deposit on most agreements.

Funding for

ICT hardware and software
● Electronic whiteboards
● Audio visual and stage equipment
● Furniture, interiors and lab equipment
● Wired And Wireless Telecomunications
● Website Design, Maintenance
● Other major assets

If you would like any more information on this service dont hesitate to contact me through the normal channels,