Hello all,

We have mentioned this offer before, but as there are only two weeks remaining until the offer finishes once and for all I thought it deserved a new thread.

Towards the start of the year Ruckus Wireless released a range of highly discounted Wi-Fi bundles including both controllers and access points all covered with 5 years direct support with Ruckus. Over the months we have had to say goodbye to some of the bundles, with the remaining few coming to an end this month.

So, if you’re looking for a new wireless system look no further than Ruckus Wireless with Net-Ctrl:

Wi-Fi Bundle 1
Ruckus Wireless 3050 ZoneDirector (capable of supporting 50 Aps, expandable to 500)
25 x 7363 ZoneFlex Access Points (802.11n, Dual Band)
5 Years Support with Ruckus Wireless
Price= £9,200

Wi-Fi Bundle 2
Ruckus Wireless 3050 ZoneDirector
25 x 7982 ZoneFlex Access Points (802.11n, dual band, Three-stream MIMO 3x3:3)
5 Years Support with Ruckus Wireless
Price= £14,200

Both bundles have the option of an additional redundant controller for an extra £1,846.

Net-Ctrl is the largest Ruckus reseller in EMEA, and we have been for the past two years. We are able to provide detailed site surveys and offer technical support and teaching throughout the installation process from one of our Ruckus WiSe Guy and CWNA trained engineers.

To make this great offer a little sweeter, everyone that orders one of the bundles above will be entered into a prize draw for a KindleFire HD.

Feel free to send me a PM with any questions, or contact your account manager directly.