For a short period of time you can combine both of the Ruckus Wireless Education Promotions, allowing you to save more.

You can now combine the Ruckus Wireless Education Bundles and the newly returned ‘Buy 8 get an additional 2 Aps free’ promotions together, providing you with a larger system at a brilliant price.

We will run this special promotion whilst both offers are valid, as far as we know the education bundles are due to expire 30/06/2013.

The current bundles are:

- Ruckus Wireless 3050 ZoneDirector w/ 25 x 7363 ZoneFlex with Ruckus 3050 ZoneDirector Premium Support - 5 Years - £9,200.00

- Ruckus Wireless 3050 ZoneDirector w/ 25 x 7982 ZoneFlex with Ruckus 3050 ZoneDirector Premium Support - 5 Years - £14,200.00

Both have the option of an additional redundant controller for an extra £1846.

Now you can purchase an additional 10 Access Points (7363, 7372 and 7982) on top of these bundles and get two of those absolutely free, twenty and get four of those free and so on providing you with bigger savings for your school. Please note all additional Aps will need to be the same model.

Any questions please feel free to send me a PM, alternatively you can contact @Aggy or @MarkPower for more information.

Why choose Net-Ctrl:

Net-Ctrl is the largest Ruckus Wireless reseller in Europe, Middle East and Asia, and we have been for the last two years. We have a dedicated wireless technical team that are fully trained with Ruckus and hold CWNP accreditations. They’re capable of performing highly detailed and accurate site surveys so you know the expected coverage you will get from your new wireless solution. We are also able to fully install and cable all the wireless components, and will work alongside you until you’re happy your new wireless system works.