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a little light reading for you all to brighten up your damp Monday afternoon: CCENT 3-stream_eval.pdf

As you may well have noticed wireless networking isn't quite as simple as the traditional "is it B/G or N?" any more, for example the differentiation between a true dual band card and a 2.4Ghz only "N" card is significant, add to that the emergence and development of MIMO and it's clear that things are progressing on several levels.. Currently the 3x3 wireless Chipsets hitting the market are moving the goal posts in terms of potential throughput and number of connections- The attached independent review compares several of the market leaders Access Point offerings in a variety of scenarios, including some very pertinent to educational deployments (high user density, variable interference etc.) to show the comparative strengths of these solutions.

If you'd like to discuss this further or would be interested in trialling the 7982 AP's then don't hesitate to contact your account manager or Mark Bartley