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Other Stuff Thread, Cant think of the movie title in Fun Stuff; Trying to think of a title to a movie but it just isnt coming to me... think you could help? ...
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    Cant think of the movie title

    Trying to think of a title to a movie but it just isnt coming to me... think you could help?

    Watched it years and years ago.. but it involved a Kid who was building a saturn V rocket ( or something similar) in his farmyard barn and then his whole class from school joins in on the project. They eventually launch it and the kid delivers some stuff to his dad who is already in space...

    I think the more annoying thing is i dont really want to watch it but thought of the film for some reason and has been bugging me ever since that i cant think of its name...

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    October sky ?
    the astronaut farmer ?
    Explorers ?
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