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Other Stuff Thread, Hi-Fi - Setups in Fun Stuff; Originally Posted by Andrew_C To make mine sound better, I'm going to buy a few of these. Silver SuperKord Signature-SD ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew_C View Post
    To make mine sound better, I'm going to buy a few of these.

    Silver SuperKord Signature-SD II : product details The Silver SuperKord Sig...

    and, no I'm not, and it is after noon!
    I liken Russ Andrews to a modern day snake oil salesman. I still get sent catalogues once in a while and some of the products featured in there with supposed audible benefits are hilarious.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Busybub View Post
    Precisely why I never bother trying to convince anybody...
    Well I don't want to get into a debate about this, but I would be interested in what you mean. So perhaps you could pm me an explanation please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom_newton View Post
    I rip mp3 and it is "good enough" tbh.. but that's a different debate. Certainly the squeeze will handle various MP3, OGG, Flac and I think AAC too. And the server software is good. And there are smartphone apps.
    Didnt occur to me that there would be smartphone apps for my Squeezebox Boom.

    Now what shall I remotely annoy the wife with? suggestions please

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    I have:

    Cambridge A1 MkIII Amp
    NAD C521 CD Player
    Gale Silver Monitor speakers

    The amp and speakers were free from my old job as they were inexplicably getting rid to replace with a cheap and nasty wall mounted amp and Nuvo speakers, and the CD player was a present
    To be honest I barely use it all, I dont even have it at my flat at the minute! But it does sound good

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    some pics of my speakers!! although if I get the right amount of cash for my birthday these could be changing!!

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