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Other Stuff Thread, Mirror, Mirror, on the wall... in Fun Stuff; My wife is nearly at the point of refusing me access to the TV when we are in company ... ...
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    Re: Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...

    My wife is nearly at the point of refusing me access to the TV when we are in company ... when watching US shows and the scantily clad girl comes on (who is either a wiccan, a spy, an athlete or some sort of alien or cyborg) the first thing I notice is the computer she is carrying ... usually describing the model, the specifications and how improbably it would be for them to be using it in such a manner as the hard drive used in that model is particularily susceptable to failing when being moved about in such a manner.

    Sometimes I even go on about how the model was superceded or the difference between uk and us models (Acer Travelmates are good for this ... particularily if you saw a 342T running NT4 on a uk programme ... as the mobo on the uk version would always blue screen due to the connector for the external drive but the US version was fine ... this meant having to run 98SE or W2K on the 342T .... apparently). Heaven help me if a Mac comes on ... being able to recognise the fact that a MacBook is from early 2006 and not late 2006 dues to the screen shadowing in the bottom right corner (they changed the screen they used) might be described as slightly geeky ...

    Personally I just call it attention to detail ... the fact that I can't remember what colour bra the scantily clad female was wearing ... or the fact that I should recognise her from other programmes ... this is slightly annoying to my wife ... but she also knows I will not be looking elsewhere for some fun ... unless I get enticed away by some sex-kitten ... who has managed to get hold of an iPhone!

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    Re: Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...

    Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and the number 42 comes to mind?
    My mate Jim had tapes off the original radio broadcast and used to come back from the pub at training camp and play them back at night - them were the days

    Then, when they were repeated, we put a Dolby B cassette deck across the main BBC PCM distribution at Sutton Coldfield Tx to get a good copy

    (I hope the statute of limitations has run out on that now )



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