Unless you live there or have back packed and remained sober long enough to watch the TV whilst touring there, New Zealand has a hilarious comedy series that we brits are unlikely ever to see even on the likes of E4 or Sky3 in the middle of the night!

It's called Bro Town admittedly unless you have been there or live there some of it's humor may be wasted on the brits but overall I found it on many occassions to be side splitting.
There are plenty of ways to see it over here, online streaming and even downloading... there are loads of clips on youtube and you can even order the DVD's online.

In typical Kiwi fashion it may offend some of the more PC visitors to this forum but it's normally aired PrimeTime in NZ so it can't be that bad.

Check it out and if you like what you see let us know and if your a LoveFilm subscriber like me drop them a line and badger them to add it to the rentals list.