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Other Stuff Thread, A couple of Trance mixes in Fun Stuff; No worries, just wondered. I know a lot of DJs who post their mixes on to lots of various websites ...
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    Re: A couple of Trance mixes

    No worries, just wondered. I know a lot of DJs who post their mixes on to lots of various websites for downloads and theres never any problems? They also make mix CDs to hand out etc and again, no problems.

    Just wasnt aware you could get in to trouble for this.


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    Re: A couple of Trance mixes

    It partly depends on how anti-establishment you are ...

    Some sites say "not our problem" and they can thrive on the publicity that such a case might bring, some sites just aren't public enough to be at risk of having a serious wrist-slapping ...

    EduGeek.net is in the position of having to protect itself so that it can continue to do what it does ... be a fantastic resource for NMs, techies, suppliers and advisors ... but there are occassions when we will produce material, based on the collective opinons or ideas of its members, that are not popular with certain groups out there ...

    We already know that some RBCs and LAs do not like that fact that we challenge some of the materials they produce or the fact that we question the policies or procedures of certain organisations.

    This makes us a target in some ways ... and we have to take reasonable action to remove any ammunition people may have to throw back at us.

    Copyright is a very grey area and the only people that win court cases involving copyright are the lawyers (oops ... another group offended!)

    Please respect this stance we have had to take and understand why the EduGeek Staff have to be not as nice as they would usually like ... well ... not as nice as we would like to be to fellow SysAdmins / NMs / Techies ... everyone knows that we are horrible to everyone else ... especially (l)users who have asked for the 15th time how to import a picture into powerpoint.

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