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Other Stuff Thread, World War Z An Oral History- Read it NOW!! in Fun Stuff; A couple of weeks back I was browsing the Army Rumor Service (ARRSE) and there were a few guys commenting ...
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    World War Z An Oral History- Read it NOW!!

    A couple of weeks back I was browsing the Army Rumor Service (ARRSE) and there were a few guys commenting on what a really good book this was. Not being a big horror fan (Clive Barker exepted) I was intrigued as they were commenting on how accurate and downright scary it was in protraying the panic and devistation that a world wide disaster could cause.
    Now don't think that this book is all about the dead rsing from the grave, its not. It's about a virus (origionating in China) that causes the infected to die and 'ressurect (the already dead, are still dead), and if they mangae to infect another person and they die they ressurect almost immediately. Anyway, its a very, very scary read and I simply could not put it down, and theres not that many books that do that to me these days. The format is that the book is written 12 years after the Zombie War in a series of interviews taken world wide from eye witnesses, both civillian and military, giving their varies accounts of what went on. There is an audio book too and you can here excepts on YouTube here: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGBN7IPkgGg"]YouTube - World War Z: The Battle of Yonkers (1/3)[/ame]

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    Simon Pegg is a horror buff (Sean of the Dead) and said this was a must have for zombie horror books.

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    Oh YEs, I managed to get my Library to buy this about a year ago just so I could read it.
    It is a really clever and different way to tell a zombie tale.
    Not quite as depressing as most either!

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    Yeah I got it a few months back. It is a really good take and covers aspects mostly glossed over or ignored by most disaster type situations/films. I also like it as it at least has a hopeful ending.

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