AMD has just launched a new global Media Center card the so called HDTV-on-PC chip supports
HDTV, DTV, and broadcast signals in the analog NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and digital ATSC, ClearQAM, and DVB-T formats. AMD has also tossed FM radio into the mix.

The chip can also convert TV shows recorded onto PCs into H.264, AVI, MPEG, DivX, WMV, and MPEG4 files for playback on portable media devices.

The ATI Theater HD 750 will be available in PCI, PCI Express, and USB implementations from manufacturers "later this year," according to AMD.
By the sounds of it it will also finally support hardware decoding of New Zealand Freeview which is big news for media pc types here in NZ.

AMD trumpets HDTV-on-PC chip ? The Register