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    Please give generously...

    Our school, with help from our local radio station, Key 103, are trying to raise £25,000 to build a music therapy room at the Teenage Cancer Trust Unit at Christie's Cancer Hospital in Manchester

    The school itself is trying to raise £1,500 towards the running total.

    If you wish to donate then you can do so

    here - Justgiving - Team Toolan with Moorside High School Fundraising Page


    here - Justgiving - Donate to Key 103 and Magic 1152's Cash for Kids

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    Slightly sideways Gatt but if you're looking for ideas and resources for ways to raise that money then worth getting in contact with Manchester Uni Rag and seeing if they can offer any support (collecting buckets, advice, etc..).

    Places like Morrisons allow(ed?) baggers to help shoppers with their shopping in return for a bucket at the end of the till which may be worth a shot.. For other ideas (albeit more uni/college student level) go to ukrag.org.uk and check the resources section. Plenty there.

    Good luck

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