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    Eeek, didn't mean to put you off. I'm sure you can get something more than suitable for £150-£200. Even better something half decent secondhand off E-Bay would be better in that price range. More a warning on the brand new sub-£150 models which can cause some problems with Rocksmith.

    Seriously, It's a lot more fun than Guitar Hero IMHO. I was playing along to The Final Countdown last night - grinning like the cheshire cat!

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    Got a Squier Bullat Strat cheap as chips late last year. Have barely picked it up but it's there for when I get more me time

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    Personally, I'd avoid Squire... for not a ridiculous amount more, you can get a Yamaha Pacifica which by all accounts is an excellent guitar. For not a lot more than that you get in to Mexican Fenders, then high end Epis... beware of GAS!

    I've just found the build quality on Squire's to be a bit hit and miss (this is true of any guitar and the reason you or someone you know should play it before you buy it ideally), but the Pacificas have an excellent reputation as an entry level guitar for a good reason

    The cheaper Pacifica 012 will get you started but if you can stretch that bit more for a V series, do it!

    MusicRadar on the 112V: The Pacifica 112V remains not only the perfect start-up guitar for the serious student, but also a solid, reliable choice whatever your age or ability.
    Yamaha Pacifica 112V | Guitar reviews | MusicRadar

    and the 012: There’s no doubting the value of this pack, but compared to the souped-up Pacifica V, the 012 feels like a stopgap. That’s fair enough; nobody said this was a guitar for life. You buy this pack, pay your dues, find out what styles you’re into - then throw a few hundred quid at a mid-price electric and 100-watt amp that cater for them. Until then, this is a watertight introduction to the untold pleasures of axedom.

    You can pick up a kit with the 012, an amp, strap, gig bag, plectrums, cable and instructional DVD for £158: Yamaha Pacifica 012 KIT (Metallic Blue)
    The V series will be dearer and they don't do kits, but for around the £300 mark you could get yourself the guitar and a great practice amp that should last you a lot longer than the 012 kit. My Yamaha EG112, if available today, would sit somewhere between the 2; I've had that guitar 15 years and it still plays great

    EDIT: last thing - avoid Encore starter packs like the plague! Every one of these I've picked up that is more than 12 months old has had rusty hardware, loose tuning pegs and intonation issues. They're cheap, but it's false economy.
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    Been playing since about 1987, and as with others been a bit on and off, with a few years hiatus.

    Accumulated some tasty kit, got a very nice Japanese '85 Squier (the fabled ones), a Burns Brian May model, I had a MIJ '70s reissue Strat, but sold it, and also have a Les Paul copy which is OK. I hate floating trems, so I modified the Strat and BM so that the trem body is wedged to the body.

    Got a 1980s Yamaha acoustic which sounds great.

    I used to have an Electroharmonix Memory Man Deluxe which I sold for £10 when I was a student. I should have held on to it.

    I had a Behringer V-Amp2 which is nice, but spent too much time messing with the settings rather than playing so sold it.

    Got a BOSS CS3 compressor which should be standard kit for all guitarists, and a Morley opto Wah pedal.

    I use a Roland Cube 30x which is fantastic sounding amp - one of the best. I modified it to provide an aux speaker tap so I could use it as a monitor and have a DI into the PA without needing to mic it up. Mind you, the little Cube 30x is loud enough for a small pub.

    Also got this - a 1974 Marshall Superlead with 4x12 Celestion loaded cab. Purple Tolex - pretty rare. It's absolutely ear-splitting, so doesn't get much use round the house.

    1459928_10151741710618244_1364527701_n.jpg 5347634452_e65f7a765d.jpg
    Signed by Jim Marshall in 1989

    Fav guitarist:
    If I had to choose one, it would be RItchie Blackmore.
    Other faves are
    Rock - Jeff Kollman
    Acoustic - Michael Hedges, Richard Thompson
    Blues - Robert Cray, Dave Van Ronk
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    I've been playing since I was about 15 on and off, although mostly off!

    I've currently got a white USA Strat (with lace sensors), a Rickenbacker 330 (which I'm thinking of selling... it never gets used!), a Fender JagStang and a cheap gold Les Paul copy.

    I've also recently picked up an Aria bass and I'm trying to get a bit funky... with limited success... I thought fewer strings would be easy!

    As far as a recommendation for an entry level guitar goes, I'd seriously look at the cheap Ibanez super-strats - nice skinny necks which you'd probably find much easier and comfier when learning.
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    Fav axemen are: Steve Lukather, Larry Carlton, Guthrie Govan, Mike Slamer, plus the usual speed-freaks...

    Had a Gibson SG Les Paul, now a Strat and a 30-year-old Westone.

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    Now can I say I'm a guitar player? Well I can play a few chords, once had lessons, guitar sal in its case for years then last year fell for it again. Have an old amp but due to space etc I now use my iPad, an iRig and either h'phones or speaker setup and I can now have all sorts of effects and amps to play with. Guitar is an electric Yamaha RGX112 that I have had 20 odd years. Did have at one time an cut away Washburn electro acoustic but wish I had kept it. Keep promising myself to buy an acoustic again with the excuse it would be for my daughter who did want one (and I would use it when she gets fed up due to breaking nails!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koldov View Post
    Playing for - *cough*over 20 years*cough* on and off (should be so much better).
    Gear - Almost too much to mention! About 10 guitars ranging from a Strat to a classical, amps from Fender and Marshall. Zoom and POD effects pedals.
    Fave guitarists - Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert (yes I'm a speed freak)!
    Style - Blues, Metal, anything that is guitar based and ROCKS! But can easily listen to classical guitar!


    Hit the nail on the head for me right there. Seen vai a few times and he's always mesmerising! satch is much more soulful though!

    I've been playing on and off for 15 years, never gave it the time it deserved though. That said i can play my way through most iron miaden and metallica tracks given time.

    I used to have lots of guitars but only got a couple now.

    Still have:

    Jackson Performer PS2
    25-30 year old squire strat special edition in all black with the thinnest neck I've ever seen!
    Gibson Semi-acoustic in transparent black gloss (you can see the wood grain through it and it's beautiful)

    Used to own:

    Epiphone Les Paul with a pair of seymour Duncan humbuckers. It was gorgeous in transparent green, but it got left at a gig years ago and i never got it back
    Yamaha Pacifica - Nice guitar but preferred my Strat

    I really should pick it up again it's been years since i played properly.

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    Playing : Long and yet, not long. I've been mostly off since my teens, bought an acoustic Dean thing last year which has seen me make more progress since then than the 20+ years before. The man-cave helps - in here no one can hear you scream. Cutting the top of my RH middle finger off didn't help. I'm still rubbish but having fun.

    Equip : The Dean, a Semi Acoustic thing and an old Vox AC15 amp which is in need of some TLC.

    Favourite Guitarists : Richard Thompson, Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Brian May, Ry Cooder. Recently I've come to respect David Rawlings (with Gillian Welch) and for a bit of bules/rock and roll, the John Spencer Blues Explosion.

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    Been trying to play on/off mostly off for about 20 years, pick up bits and pieces from justin guitar / marty swartz, and recently got back into playing with rocksmith and now rocksmith 2014 which is a whole lot better with session mode just jamming away with a fake band, showing you scales to play in.

    Good mix of songs on there and more and more added through DLC all the time, I did also see that some people where making custom songs for rocksmith but unable to find any completed songs to actually learn from.

    Guitar: Aria cheap strat copy

    Fav Guitarist: Dave Gilmour, Steve Rothery

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