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Opt-Out Authorities Thread, 1C1N suckage in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); ...
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    Angry 1C1N suckage

    We're using Notts 1C1N and are being frustrated by its increasing naffness. Perhaps it's just us? Our website is up and down like a yo-yo. So much so that we've given up and are setting up web hosting with someone else who might just give a damn.

    And the email. We have stuff that doesn't even make it through to MailMarshall. It just disappears. Gone. Poof. I've had to set up some Office 365 accounts so staff can forward their emails through it to their normal school email account. We have Exchange Server and all we want is the email feed with all the emails passed through (minus nasties).

    This has been going on for about a month now. No one tells us what's happening or what the problems was. But that it was fixed. It wasn't.

    Not bad for £20K a year.

    Is it just that Capita-Synetrix is hoovering up all our money and not doing anything but sitting on their behinds?

    I'd transfer out but it appears quite expensive to buy the bits elsewhere...

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    No it's not just you we are looking at plusnet fibre 76 mbit business and purchase a fortinet box after first year we will save about 7k I know the speed is less than 1c1n but best we have had with 1c1n is 50 mbit

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    One of our schools just opted out of notts - and went with school broadband.

    It's fair to say the road hasn't been smooth - but by far the biggest pain has been notts and In particular e-mail transfer.

    From what I've heard, that's not unique to the school we support on the notts area.

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    @davie163 : just make sure you do not rely on that Fortigate for filtering, it's not going to be sufficient.

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    We left 1C1N after years of none stop problems. 10meg for a secondary school well I say 10meg we never got close to that. Weeks of downtime in a row around 20% downtime in the worst years although I admit it did improve towards the end but still unacceptably bad. Every other website blocked due to being classed as an new URL. Website we used on a daily basis would randomly get blocked due to being a new URL. Same email problem as you.

    My biggest complaint while with them is the way working websites got recorded. If I visited two website they recorded all the sub domains and other links. So to me 1 web working and 1 website not working is a 50% fail rate. For them itís a 1% fail rate.

    Trying to explain that over 30% of website we visited got blocked due to new URL was a pain. They kept insisting everything was ok.

    It still shocks me with 1C1N half of the email features are disabled in the portal if you use IE 11 or any modem up-to-date browser. I had to keep an old XP computer running an old version of IE 8 to add users to shared calendars!

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