I am looking for a little advice, as I have an issue which is driving me crazy!

We use outlook 2007 to handle our emails, but, as we need to access emails on various devices, we need to configure Outlook to use IMAP as oppose to POP3 so that all of the emails are not downloaded and removed from the server.

The problem we have however, is that Outlook 2007 keeps going 'offline' with the IMAP accounts and doesn't come back online unless Outlook is closed and re-opened. This happens frequently and is driving users crazy. When outlook goes offline, it does not allow users to receive/read new emails. Clicking file and work online does not help with the issue either.

I have checked incoming and outgoing ports and these are configured to the hosts recommendations. I have also ensured the standard, such as outgoing server needs to be authenticated and have also tried 'use same as incoming' and also input the relevant user names and passwords in the outgoing authenticate box, but this does not seem to help any.

We use AVG and have tried disabling the mail scanner, but no changes and Outlook still goes offline.

When clicking the test account button in Outlook it suggests everything is OK as it sends and receives OK (when it is online of course)!

Any help/guidance/support would be most appreciated.