Hi guys,

We're having a few problems with getting Word 2010 to print using the settings being applied in the program. When we set it to print in A5 (for example) it will not scale the document down to fit on the paper, it will merely print at full scale onto an A5 sheet of paper. This isn't the only setting that won't take, basically any alteration made to the printer settings will not make alterations. But if you go into the printer properties and alter the settings it will happily print exactly how you want it to. We have checked the drivers on the printers to ensure they have the latest ones, and I've also searched technet and Microsoft KB for a solution but nothing is coming up. Lots of people on technet are having the exact same issue, and all that the Microsoft specialists are saying is 'check your printer driver', which is not helping anyone! Anyone else had this issue before and come up with a solution?