Having an issue with Office 2007 and 2010 not picking up on .asd files in the autorecover location. I've set, through Group Policy, the Auto Recovery folder to be the Z:\ drive (Students My Docs) and after 15 minutes Word auto saves the files on the z:\ drive with no issue. However, should the student not be able to save, and reloads Word after a reboot or relogon, Word doesn't pick up on the .asd file, and it remains there forever more. I've tried using my Office install with the Auto recover location kept as the default, but with no joy either. I copy the .asd file into the location, but Word ignores it on start up.

Is there a setting I've overlooked, a button to press? I'd even settle for a way of opening .asd files on their own so I could recover students work if necessary.