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Office Software Thread, Need help with *.PST files (Outlook 2003) in Technical; 2 people share the same .pst files but are in on different days so they both never use it at ...
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    Need help with *.PST files (Outlook 2003)

    2 people share the same .pst files but are in on different days so they both never use it at one time. Problems have been caused by this such as personal folders not closing properly and the other person not being able to open them, and the personal folders disappearing. Does anybody have a similar situation at their workplace, but has put a better solution in place? I could do with putting into play a better solution.......

    Your help would be most appreciated.

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    If your mail server supports IMAP, you might be better off moving all the mail from the PST back to the server and using IMAP folders etc, this will keep the two Outlooks profiles in sync no problem without the worry of PST files... afaik it also means you can have two clients open at once using the same account.

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