Hi all,
We have an in school developed MIS system which I am trying to sort issues out with.

About 6 times now we have had issues with users getting the error 'Could not use 'Admin'; file allready in use. This happens after the frontend has opened. But once the error message comes up you cannot even open the second databases although you can allways open the first front end.

The basic makeup is that a front end database is used to open a choice of other databases which then connects to a SQL backend.

I can see a few possible issues at the moment with my limited knowledge of access databases but would like to know others thoughts however the fact that the databases are forcibly closed leads me to think that a locking file is put in the users profile somewhere allthough I have checked all over the users local profiles and have found nothing yet.

* The majority of the second opening databases (after opening the front end databases) have no Exit routine so users have to forcibly close the window.
* Multiple instances of access open.
* When checking the Event Logs there always seems to be some record editing previous to the error message

The only fix I have found so far is to clear the users profile. A restart of the computer does not help. We have recently moved to Office 2010 on Windows 7 and did not have this issue before.

Thanks in anticipation of reply.