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Office Software Thread, Return Column Heading in Technical; Hi dont know if anyone can help On the attached document, I need Admin Sheet Cell C11 to C18 to ...
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    Return Column Heading

    Hi dont know if anyone can help

    On the attached document, I need Admin Sheet Cell C11 to C18 to look at Teams Attendance sheet and return tournament names that they are missing!

    As you will be able to see i have managed to do this with an IF Formula, but it only looks at the first argument if there are multiple results.

    Need it to say Pennine C tournament 1, tournament 2.

    Any help Much Appreciated




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    Since you want them all listed - why you don't just reproduce the grid? If you really really want them in two cells, consider reproducing the grid somewhere else, twice!. Use an IF to populate the grid with the text you want, i.e for attednance

    =IF('Teams Attendance'!B3=0,"","Tournament 1,")

    and for non attendance

    =IF('Teams Attendance'!B3<>"","Tournament 1,","")

    So you now have two grids which display the text you want for each 'listing'. Note the seemingly extraneous comma!

    For the listing all you need to do is concatenate these together :

    =Concatenate( <cell1>,<cell2>,<cell3>,<cell4>,<cell5>)

    Each one contains a comma so if there are more than one they will separate but you need to just wrap the concatenate in a LEFT string function to trim off the last comma.
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