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Office Software Thread, IMCEAMAILTO Issues when replying to forwarded message in Technical; Yep, should work with SP1...
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    Yep, should work with SP1

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    Bit of a necro, but this thread just popped up in Google while I was trying to remember how to fix this, and figured I'd post as there is a much easier way than removing Service Packs or rolling out updates

    In the Outlook that is having the problem, open a new email and start addressing it to the problematic recipient, and tab to autocomplete the address. Then hover over the address and select Outlook Properties from the drop down on the hover box (4ith icon). It should open a small window like this:
    Note the email type is "mailto". This is the problem. Click the "Internet Type" button and click OK, then send the email (you have to send something to clear the error). It should be fine going forward now for that recipient.

    It's Outlook 2007/10 being thick with how it interprets email addresses from webpages. You can recreate it quite easily by addressing an email as [mailto:user@domain.com] (with the square brackets and mailto: prefix) - once you've sent one email with the address in that format, any emails sent to the address in future will fail as above. You then have to go through the steps I just listed to clear it.

    Should be a bit quicker than the software fix if someone needs to get the email off quick. Once it's fixed it doesn't recur and it doesn't tend to crop up very often afterwards - hence me having to reGoogle to work out how I fixed it before!

    (image taken from this article on the same topic: Exchange: Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists – IMCEAMAILTO | Robin CM's IT Blog)
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    For Office 2007 there is a Hotfix - as yet I don't think there is a hotfix for 2010. Its only an issue with SP1 so i presume at some point M$ will release a similar hotfix for 2010.

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