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Office Software Thread, Access 2003 No printer in Technical; Hi guys I've searched for this and found limited posts. The one that I thought might work hasn't, so I'm ...
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    Access 2003 No printer

    Hi guys

    I've searched for this and found limited posts. The one that I thought might work hasn't, so I'm opening this thread.

    I'm working on a CC4 network. I've got a PC running XP SP3, Office 2003 and a server running 2003.

    When I open MS Access it says that there is no printer installed and won't print or open the dialogue box or the print preview.

    The PC has a network printer installed from the server (HP Laserjet 2600n) It's set as the default. Everything else prints to the printer fine. But Access won't print. When you hold the mouse over the print icon it says that there is no printer.

    If I go into Printers and Faxes and change the default printer to MS Office Document Image writer and then use Access then the print dialogue will open and you can then change it to the network printer and print.

    I've downloaded the latest print drivers from HP and installed them, I've deleted the printer from the server, deleted the driver and then re-installed it all with the latest driver. No success, still shows as noprinter in access.

    If I go to the shares and connect to the printer manually and set that network printer as the default then Access sees it fine and you can print.

    I'm lost. Don't know what else to look at or try. Any ideas?


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    I have pushed out a package which deletes the MS Office Document Image writer from the scenario which seems to work here most of the time, Its quite quirky sometimes especially with Microsoft publisher which sometimes doesn't even pick up the default printer, the program has to be pointed at the printer from the file print, then the printer chosen from the dropdown box then and only then will it print.

    This doesn't happen all the time but feel it is a Microsoft windows 7 and RM problem with the latter not being able to create a fix as their communications with Microsoft is not that good.

    This only happens intermittently across site but in general works around 98% of the time.

    Try getting rid of the MS Office Document Image writer first and then see how it goes.

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