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Office Software Thread, Wierd accde shortcut issue in Technical; Solved the issue now. We have a database based lesson helper program that everybody has access to. With office 2003 ...
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    Wierd accde shortcut issue

    Solved the issue now.

    We have a database based lesson helper program that everybody has access to.

    With office 2003 version we put a shortcut to the mde file in the users home drive, in the Start Menu which is redirected to a read only share which worked fine.

    The access 2010 accde version seems to want to write back to where the shortcut is placed. The shortcut works for me being a Admin because I have write permission to where the shortcut is placed. But if anyone else with less priveleged rights trys the shortcut it comes up with a server logon box. If I enter my credentials in it's ok but if any less priveleged user enters credentials it says access denied.

    The accde works fine when accessed through the users home drive.

    I have just tried same thing but the shortcut points to another network location and this works fine, it seems to not like pointing to the users home area where as the old 2003 (mde) version did.

    Anyone got any ideas.
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    what was the solution?

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