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Office Software Thread, Outlook 2010 shared calendars in Technical; I am wanting to setup a shared calendar for our users. The calendar is for a "Training" schedule. In the ...
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    Outlook 2010 shared calendars

    I am wanting to setup a shared calendar for our users. The calendar is for a "Training" schedule. In the old exchange 2003 I would create a public folder and do things that way.. but I've heard that public folders aren't really the best way to do this kind of stuff in exchange 2010 now. What is everyone else doing for calendars that need to be shared with lots of users?

    I don't necessarily need the ability for lots of people to make changes to the calendar.. maybe only 1 or 2 people.. but I need lots of people to be able to see the calendar. Normally I would setup a resource "room" mailbox but I don't need a full blown mailbox.. just a calendar.
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    1. You can still use calendars (PF).
    2. If you have SharePoitn you can use that.
    3. I know you dont want a full blown mbx, but this is the alternative to PF. Depending on the purpose, create a resource/room/equipement mailbox or just share a caldenar

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