Hi all
Posting here for want of any ideas on a better forum area, feel free to suggest one!

I've now come across this on a number of different computers in different sites so thought I'd check to see if anyone else has come across this.

The problem occurs when someone tries to forward or print a QCDA email newsletter. In case you've got a bunch of old emails from them, an example is the one sent out by the QCDA on 25/05/2011 with the subject "Test update: Issue 32 - KS2 Teacher assessment reminder, Accessing NCA tools".

On trying to print or forward that email, Outlook hangs and will not respond until you end task. I have now seen this on three different computers running different versions of Outlook. If you try and forward the email as an attachment it goes through fine so this is a usable workaround. Also, forwarding via OWA also works ok.

It seems to me that there is some content in the email that Outlook tries to fetch when you hit print of forward, which it then cannot access and Outlook being Outlook just hangs instead of giving up. Any ideas?